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Looking for some ideas for your next event? Perhaps you are planning a fundraiser for your organization. Or, maybe you are looking to get the whole extended family together for a day of fun. Maybe you are at work and have been tasked with planning the next off-site training. No matter the reason, we have a great farm venue for you to consider!

we have a great farm venue for you to consider

Here are three ways you can use our top-of-the-market farm venue for your next event.

  • Barn Dance Date Night: Looking to have an evening out on the town, but want something different to do? Try hosting an event outside of town. Booking a farm venue is the perfect spot to host a barn dance. Bring the music and a square dance caller, and all you need are the participants! This is a great idea for a large group activity, a fundraising party, or an evening away from home.
  • Family Reunion at the Ol’ Homestead: Coordinating time with family can be tough as families grow and change. Getting everyone together at Legacy Stables and Events is a great way to help everyone reconnect. You can plan all sorts of games, have delicious food, and plan a family talent show. The options are endless!
  • Work Retreat on the Range: Sometimes, you and your team need to get out of the office. A change of pace can help your team feel rested and replenished. Having a country theme is a great way to take advantage of a farm venue. Team building is better in the country!

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