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A farm wedding offers the perfect blend of laid-back country life and upscale elegance. As you consider a farm wedding in the country, there are some decoration rules to live by. Following the three ideas we have listed below will provide guidelines that you can use to keep your wedding an elegant affair.

Farm wedding décor works best when you use simple, rustic barn features

  • Embrace the Shabby Chic Look: Farm wedding décor works best when you use simple, rustic barn features with elegant touches. For example, consider using wood tables and chairs with white ribbons. Embrace the beauty of the shabby and lighten it up with the chic.
  • Stick to Your Color Palette: This is a good rule for any party décor, but is especially important in weddings. Coordinating your color palette means you don’t have to worry about everything looking good together. You should choose a combination of a bold color, a neutral color, and an accent color. This will ensure that bold colors don’t compete for attention and neutral colors don’t look drab.
  • Choose Elegant Accents: Pay attention to the details. Adding a nice lace ribbon will immediately elevate a centerpiece. Coordinate these elements throughout the décor: on the chair covering, on the centerpiece, around the bouquets. There are many options in stores and online to give you ideas for the perfect accents.

As you follow these guidelines, you will have the basis for a wedding decoration model. You can start looking for color palettes online, search for shabby chic inspiration on Instagram, and browse shops for elegant accents. Let the planning begin!