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At Legacy Stables and Events, we host a number of parties for guests each month and have seen events that go off without a hitch and others that run into some trouble. In order to keep you out of the second group, we have a few common mistakes that we have seen and want to help you avoid the same issues.

choosing a party venue

Problem #1- Short Notice- When people are forced to rush, you don’t make the best decisions. The same goes for your party venue! If your suppliers, caterers and other staffers for your party are forced to work overtime to create your party, you might not end up with the results you’d hoped for.

Solution: Don’t wait to book your party venue! Depending on the size of your party and party venue, you will want to book at least 6-9 months ahead of your event.

Problem #2- Inaccurate Guest Lists– We know that inevitably someone will forget to RSVP and come anyway, but if you plan for 80 people and only 45 attend, you are stuck with a lot of wasted food and fees.

Solution: Create a website, email chain or other electronic way of tracking who is expecting to come and refresh it often.

Problem #3- Failure to Read the Fine Print– At your party venue, don’t be afraid to ask questions about what will and won’t be included. Don’t assume anything when it comes to choosing a party venue, or you could not have any linens, run out of food, or be stuck with extra fees.

Solution: Take the time to read the fine print and ask questions about what will and won’t be provided.