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Is your workplace feeling a little strained? Are you a new business looking to create comradery between staffers? Corporate retreats are a great way for individuals to get to know each other outside of a corporate setting, which can make your working environment more enjoyable, friendly, and better at communication. Even if you plan for some great activities outdoors, it can be helpful to have indoor activities for your group as well. Here are a few corporate team activities that you can use or just have on hand in case of bad weather that will work for any venue.

team-building exercises you have done at other venues

  • Make a spider web– This game is simple and doesn’t require a lot of effort or foresight. With everyone standing in a circle, choose a topic (i.e. the best gift you’ve ever received, your favorite movie, qualities you appreciate in co-workers, etc.) and then have one person hold a ball of yarn, take their turn, and throw the yarn to someone else across the circle while holding their string until everyone has had a turn.
  • Two truths and a lie– Either in large groups or lots of smaller groups, each person will tell two things that are true about them and one that isn’t. The other team members need to figure out which statement wasn’t true.
  • Minute to Win It– There are many “Minute to Win It” games that can be thrown together relatively quickly in case of bad weather or to get everyone warmed up on the first day of activities and diffuse any awkwardness or tension with laughter.

These are just some examples of activities that will work in any event venue. We would love to hear what team-building exercises you have done at other venues, so please comment!