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When you are looking for an event venue, it can be difficult to narrow down your choices! With so many event venues out there, you might feel overwhelmed by the many different options that are available to you– especially if you haven’t decided on the theme or guest list for your event just yet. If you are planning an event and will be seeking out an event venue soon, here are a few pieces of event venue information that everyone should know.

If you are planning an event and will be seeking out an event venue soon

  • Cancellation policies differ from venue to venue. No matter where you decide to book your event venue, you need to be very familiar with the paperwork and cancellation policies you sign. Some event venues are very strict about their cancellation policies, so be sure to read before you sign.
  • Some services may not be provided. Not all event venues will provide things like caterers, linens, cocktails, etc. so don’t assume that they offer these services. However, even if they do not provide these services themselves, nearly all event venues can give recommendations of people in the area who they have enjoyed working with before. Often times, it can work in your favor to customize your event by choosing your own vendors to work with your taste and budget!
  • Clothing choices are important for event enjoyment. Before attending any event venue, be sure to let your guests know what type of activities they can expect and what clothing choices to make, so your guests can enjoy the full experience instead of wishing they had packed comfortable shoes or a sweater for evening activities.

If you have questions about event venue and information that you can use to plan a successful event, give our team at call here at Legacy Stables and Events today!