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There are many couples who decide there’s nowhere better to tie the knot than in the great outdoors. Outdoor weddings can be stunningly beautiful and picturesque, but they also can be fraught with complications without proper planning. Here at Legacy Stables and Events, we host outdoor weddings on a regular basis. We have some helpful hints that can make your outdoor wedding go smoothly.

Outdoor weddings can be stunningly beautiful and picturesque

  • Plan for bad weather– Even the most beautiful of areas have weather that just won’t cooperate! Having a solid backup plan in case of poor weather can make your outdoor wedding much less stressful. Planning for wind, rain or unseasonably cool or warm temperatures can ensure a pleasant experience for you and your guests.
  • Dress appropriately– If you are having an outdoor wedding in the height of summer, plan on light colored suits and dresses without a lot of layers. Additionally, don’t forget to let your hairstylist know that your wedding will be outdoors so they can adjust product application appropriately. An insert in your wedding invite informing guests of shoes (avoid high heels, ladies), suits or fabrics they could wear to keep comfortable may also be appropriate.
  • Plan food and drink carefully– If you are getting married when it is warm outside, offering extra water is always appreciated by warm guests. Refreshing drinks or appetizers should be kept on ice. Furthermore, remember that cake likes to be cold, so have it refrigerated until it’s time to be cut.