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When you have an event occurring during the colder time of year, you get to experience a magical winter wonderland as the stage that is set for your event! With frosty temperatures outside, you need to plan carefully to ensure that your event space will be warm enough for your guests once they make it inside. Here at Legacy Stables and Events, we have hosted many events during the chilly season, and we have a few tips on how your event spaces can stay comfortable for your guests even when the weather is cold outside.

The first thing you’ll need to look at is heating your event space. Areas like barns and tents allow for views of the outdoors while also enabling event spaces to stay toasty warm. Because guests tend to go in and out of these types of event spaces, make sure you have plenty of space heaters, especially by the main doors.

Another great way to keep your guests comfortable when it’s cold outside is to go with comfort food and drinks. Things like hot tea, warm cocktails, cocoa or coffee can warm you from the inside out. Choosing warm food options like stews, soups and other comfort foods make for a great addition to any chilly winter event.

Finally, look down- to your guests’ feet, that is! Many events that take place during the winter don’t allow for winter footwear. Providing warm socks or slippers for your guests to put on if their shoes get wet can make for much more comfortable enjoyment of your event.