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Planning a wedding is an exciting time! You have found a person you love. You are promising to be with that person and having a celebration of your love and commitment. Sounds pretty good, right? At Legacy Stables and Events, we know you are planning one of the most important days of your lives, and we want to help you make it perfect!

reduce stress when planning for an outdoor wedding

Despite all the wonderful things that come with wedding planning, we know it can be stressful. We hope to help take away some of that stress with our wedding wisdom and talking about some of the problems we see that come from planning an outdoor wedding. So, here are some tips to consider to reduce stress when planning for an outdoor wedding.

  • Consider Weather Trends: What kind of weather is typical for your proposed date? What would be the challenges associated with weather problems? Consider how you would deal with those challenges should they arrive. If there is a likely issue that would be difficult to resolve, an outdoor wedding may be challenging
  • Develop a Plan B: What will you do if it rains? What will you do if the weather is unseasonably hot or cold? After you study of the weather, you will be able to consider a Plan A, B, and maybe even C.
  • Communicate: It is essential to communicate openly with your wedding venue and wedding planner (if applicable). They will be able to help you develop these plans and provide well-informed suggestions to assist with planning.

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