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Are you new to the event planning arena? Never fear! We are here to answer your questions about picking a corporate event venue. Here are some frequently asked questions to help you get started with your event planning!

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  • Do venues have special corporate rates? There is rarely special pricing for corporations. However, keep in mind that reserving multiple rooms may result in a slight discount per space.
  • How do I choose a corporate event venue? Start with a plan. What do you need? What activities do you expect during the day? What technology will you need? Then you can start finding the right corporate event venue to meet your needs
  • Do I have to use a special caterer? Typically, you can work with most vendors to choose whatever caterer you like. Some venues may have special rules about arranging with these vendors.
  • How do I propose a corporate event venue to my boss? Clearly explain the purpose of the event and why you chose this particular event venue to match it. Share information about costs and highlight the benefits of the program that will take place within this space.

As you prepare for a corporate event, it is essential to find the right space at the right price. At Legacy Stables and Events, we have great local corporate event venues to look at. Contact us today with all your corporate event venue questions, and we would be happy to help you solve them. We look forward to working with you.