Getting the Cake You Want: Our Tips for Picking out the Perfect Wedding Cake

What makes a great wedding cake? For one thing, it’s more than just the cake itself. A wedding cake is a piece of art that will be photographed and displayed with all your other great wedding pictures. It’s a continuation of your wedding’s theme, adding one more element of your big day that represents your style. And on top of all that, it’s the dessert for your reception, so of course you want guests to leave talking about how fabulous it tasted, not just that it looked pretty.

Trends for 2023
We’ve had the luxury of experiencing many different types of wedding cakes, from rustic to completely custom. If there’s anything we’ve learned at Legacy Stables and Events, it’s that not all wedding cakes are three tiers of white cake with a little bride and groom on top. Your parents’ wedding traditions have long gone by the wayside. Today’s cakes are not only coming in all shapes and sizes, but also a variety of flavors and even colors.

Some of the top trends for 2023 include:

  • Customized cakes. Walk into a wedding reception and you might see decorations on the cake that could be anything from the logo of the spouses’ alma mater to a likeness of their pet dog.
  • Botanical trends. From flowers to ferns, organic material is making its way to the dessert table.
  • Buttercream is back! While fondant icing is remarkably pliable, it’s not that tasty. Today’s brides have realized they prefer taste, and don’t have to sacrifice beauty when going with a good decorator.
  • Multi-Tiered. Naomi Biden and Peter Neal climbed a ladder to cut their 7-tiered wedding cake. Not everyone will be able to be as extravagant as the president’s granddaughter, but her style points to the trend of tiers making a comeback.

Picking the Cake that’s Right for You

While trends in wedding cakes come and go, one thing remains constant – pick a cake that you love. There are so many choices to make, from the flavor of the cake itself to the type of icing, and of course the decorations. The best way to get something you’ll be happy with is to go with your favorites, and let the cake be a reflection of your style.

Here are a few tips to help you narrow down that wedding cake decision, and get one more thing crossed off your to-do list.

Know before you go. Just as with almost every other aspect of wedding planning, it’s time to start filling your Pinterest board with cakes you like. Before you start to hone in on a baker, spend some time doing research to see what types of cakes are out there and what appeals to you and your partner. Pinterest isn’t the only place to research. Be sure to flip through some magazines and look at friends’ and bakers’ Insta feeds. And of course, attending a wedding show is a great place to not only view cakes, but taste some decadent samples!

When thinking flavor, understand the sky’s the limit. When it comes to types of decorations or even flavors of cake, it’s pretty much up to you to decide what you like. Understanding, of course, that you’ll have to work with a baker to make your dreams become reality. But most wedding cake bakers have the talent to pull off just about anything your heart desires. Want funfetti cake to take you back to your favorite birthday party? Go for it. The type of cake, whether chocolate, red velvet, or something trendy like hazelnut praline, is totally hidden from view under that beautiful frosting, so pick what you like. And you can even get multiple options on different tiers.

Find a baker. Once you have an idea of what you like, it’s time to start looking for the confectionary artist who will design your masterpiece. Most likely you’ve never had to purchase a cake this big before, and it’s not something you want to just order at the local supermarket. Ask your friends and family for references, and of course use the wedding fairs as a potential source. Our event planners at Legacy Stables and Events can also provide you with a list of some of our preferred vendors.

Know your budget. Wedding cakes are priced by the number of people served, rather than the number of tiers or size of the cake. It helps to have a ballpark figure you’re willing to spend before meeting with the baker. Keep in mind though there are creative ways to get what you want and stay in budget. From dummy tiers to less expensive cake shapes, bakers will be able to work with you to get a cake you love that’s within your budget.

Set up a consultation. No need to make a final decision until you get a chance to taste and see a few cakes first hand! It’s a good idea to set up a meeting with your baker to talk about what you want, show them pictures, and get their advice. You’ll most likely also get to taste some samples. Before you go to the meeting, make sure you know the date, venue, and estimated number of guests. That way they can check their availability and also give you a better estimate of cost.

Picking out a wedding cake is one of the fun parts of wedding planning. It’s always a treat to get to taste the samples. It gives you something to look forward to on the big day!

For more help with planning the details of your wedding, contact our experts at Legacy Stables and Events.

Photo Credit: Sarah Sekaly Photography