Create a Memorable Food Experience for Your Wedding or Next Event: Tips from Chef Adam

There’s no denying that food is the centerpiece for almost any event. From family gatherings to formal banquets, it’s food that brings people together. When you’re planning an event, whether it’s an off-site training session or the once-in-a-lifetime wedding, you want to make sure the food is fabulous, that guests will be served in style and enjoy a meal they’ll be talking about well after the event is over.

Legacy Stables and Events’ executive chef, Adam Andrews, has worked with many brides-to-be and event planners in creating menus for the perfect event. With his help, we’ve pulled together some things to keep in mind in selecting the food for your next event.

Creating the Menu

The first thing Chef Adam recommends is to do some research before meeting with him or any caterer. It’s important to try new things, go out to restaurants and see what’s trending to help have an idea of what you might want to serve at your event. Other things to consider include:

The Season. The type of food you choose for your menu might be different depending on the time of year. Winter menus tend to include foods with heavier sauces and creams, whereas summer menus have lighter fare such as salads and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Special Diet Considerations. Be sure to have food to accommodate any guest’s dietary needs, whether it’s vegetarian, gluten-free, or allergies.

The staff at Legacy Stables and Events is always on-hand to work with you to help choose a menu right for your events. Some of the favorites of our guests include Chef Adam’s famous smoked gouda macaroni and cheese, and prime rib is also one of the top requests.

More than Food

Creating the menu and planning a meal includes more than just picking out what food you want to serve. You will also want to think about what type of meal service works best for your event. There are two things to keep in mind when deciding on the type of service – the size of the party and the type of food you’re serving.

For smaller gatherings, a plated meal service is elegant and can accommodate a wide range of menu choices. For a larger party, you might consider a buffet, to allow guests to get their food in a more efficient manner. Another benefit of a buffet are the banquet serving dishes that keep food warm, and carving stations can add an elegant touch. Chef Adam is always willing to accommodate a plated dinner no matter how large the party. Just keep in mind it will incur extra costs, as more staff is needed to get the plates to the tables in an efficient manner.

Another option that has become popular recently is the family style type of service, where food is brought to each table in big bowls. This way of serving food can bring a fun element to any event, breaking down barriers between guests and helping everyone get to know each other. A menu that works well in this style of service could be summer pasta, which is angel hair pasta tossed with basil pesto, tomatoes, mushrooms and roasted red peppers, served with spinach salad, and grilled chicken or steak.

As you’re preparing for upcoming holiday parties or fine-tuning the details of your wedding, let Legacy Stables and Events help you with creating the perfect menu. Call today to set up your tasting event with Chef Adam Andrews.








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