Perfect Weddings, Rain or Shine!

Outdoor weddings are the dream of many couples and for good reason. The natural beauty provides the perfect backdrop for the ceremony, reception, and pictures. You don’t have to worry about bringing in a lot of decorations, because the landscaping provides its own interest. And even when it comes to space, you’re less inhibited without four walls surrounding you.

However, there’s one thing that can put all of that at risk – the threat of rain. As beautiful as the weather is much of the year in North Carolina, with mild spring and fall temperatures that make outdoor events possible for almost nine months out of the year, there’s more at play with the weather than just temperature. Cold rain or sleet in November, spring showers in April, thunderstorms in July – any time of year you plan an outdoor wedding, there’s always a chance it could rain on your event.

No matter how optimistic you are, and hope and pray for good weather, it’s always smart to have a backup plan for your outdoor event.

A Stress-Free Plan B
When you book your wedding at Legacy Stables and Events, you not only have an excellent venue with multiple options for flexibility on indoor or outdoor set-ups, but you also get a chance to work with expert staff who can help plan everything to make sure your event runs smoothly, rain or shine.

The Setting. Our property has two beautiful settings for outdoor occasions, the patio at the Legacy House and the waterfall, which makes a perfect intimate setting for pictures or a small ceremony. Most wedding planners advise having a shelter as a backup when you’re planning an outdoor event, and the beauty of choosing Legacy Stables and Events as your venue is the backup plan is included. Our Grace Barn provides the perfect place to host your reception if rain is in the forecast and you’ve planned to use the patio at the Legacy House. Many couples choose a combination indoor/outdoor event, with the ceremony taking place in Salem Stallway, which allows guests to be seated inside but has large barn doors open to the outdoors to serve as a backdrop for the wedding vows.

The Staff. Our talented event staff has years of experience planning outdoor events and working around the ever-changing North Carolina weather. When you choose to have your event with us, we’ll take the time to work through the rain plan at the planning session 6-8 months before your big day. At that point we make a plan for good weather as well as a backup plan in case of bad weather, taking time to discuss floor plans, seating arrangements, and set-up options for each scenario.

The Forecast. Every couple planning an outdoor wedding watches the weather forecast multiple times a day every day the week before the big event. Our advice – things change day to day when it comes to forecasting the weather in the Carolinas. You might check the 7-day forecast and see a chance of showers on your wedding day seven days out, and two days later there’s full sun. However, we do ask for 72 hours’ notice on which plan to set up for. So whatever you see three days out, that’s the weather forecast to go with to ensure a wedding where guests stay mostly dry. (We can’t promise there won’t be a few tears shed, no matter what Mother Nature brings!)

Embrace the Weather
Intermittent drizzle, scattered thundershowers, or 100% chance of rain – whatever the weather brings for your big day, our advice is to face it full on and make the rain part of the wedding festivities!

  • Provide umbrellas for the wedding party.
  • Consider ponchos for guests. You can hand them out with the programs!
  • Get cute matching rain boots for bridesmaids to wear walking to and fro from the Legacy House to Grace Barn. (And in a few pictures!)
  • Use fabric protector spray on the hem of your wedding dress.

They say rain on a wedding day is a good omen. Just like a wet knot is hard to untie, the rain falling during your ceremony makes those vows hard to unravel!

Photo: Yasmin Leonard Photography