Team Building with Total Escape – Bring a New Level of Excitement to Your Next Corporate Event

Team building activities play an important role in a company’s success, for many reasons.

  • They help employees get to know each other, fostering a connection outside of work responsibilities to help improve productivity.
  • They help people learn skills needed to accomplish goals and meet challenges in a way that is fun and less stressful than regular work assignments.
  • They can serve as a way for those in management positions to observe how people work together and use that knowledge in the workplace when creating new teams or assigning projects.

Recently escape rooms have become a popular resource for companies looking for new types of team-building events. Now, thanks to a new partnership with Winston-Salem based Total Escape, you can include an escape room adventure at any event hosted at Legacy Stables and Events.

Enjoy an Escape Room at Legacy Stables and Events

Our venue is a great place to host corporate events, with seating capacity flexible enough to accommodate small or large groups, audio visual support, and catering availability. The addition of the Total Escape activities brings an added benefit, providing a fun activity for your team to work on together. The offerings from Total Escape can be scaled to fit any small or large groups in a variety of settings, whether it’s a game break in the middle of a training session to get people’s blood flowing after sitting for a while, or the main entertainment in a team-building retreat.

Total Escape has created three types of offerings tailored specifically for Legacy Stables and Events – The Adventure Race launching this summer, as well as an indoor escape room and a game show to be made available at a later date.

The Adventure Race

For groups ranging in size from six to 150-plus, this outdoor activity allows people to compete in a fun, controlled environment. The entire adventure is set up outside, taking advantage of the beautiful landscape of Legacy Stables and Events. Large, physical puzzles are set up around the property, all of which require teamwork and lateral thinking to complete before moving on to the next puzzle. The race lasts between 90-120 minutes, and while the first team to finish is the winner, there are no losers. Everyone comes away from the activity knowing more about the people they work with day in and day out.

Indoor Escape Room

This activity replicates a typical escape room, with puzzles to work through to move on to the next adventure. Rather than one room, it will be a set of mini-escape rooms throughout the stallway. The activity could be done one of two ways: identical mini-rooms where each group races against each other to see who solves the puzzle first, or a variety of mini-rooms where groups work their way through each one.

Game Show

Groups compete against each other in a game show setting similar to concepts such as Family Feud or Deal or No Deal. Audio and visual effects and an interactive host help make this a fun experience. Great for corporate events and also nonprofit fundraisers or wedding receptions.

Reaping the Benefits of the 30-acre Estate

One thing that helps Legacy Stables and Events stand out from other event venues is our beautiful, 30-acre estate. The grounds make a beautiful backdrop for weddings and special occasions, and now they’re providing the perfect place to set up Total Escape’s Adventure Race.

“The physical location at Legacy Stables and Events is just wonderful,” says Ryan McGowan, general manager of Total Escape. “From the patio outside the Legacy House to the waterfall, nothing is off limits in terms of where things can happen. It’s a great way for guests to get a chance to explore the beautiful property, all while improving relationships and building connections to improve workplace success.”



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