Plan Ahead for the Perfect Holiday Party: 4 Critical Early Steps

Office parties get a bad rap on TV shows and in the movies. But in reality, they are often nice events that bring together co-workers in a social setting, allowing everyone to have a little fun and get to know each other better. There are many benefits companies get from hosting an office party: they help boost morale, they’re a great way to show appreciation for your team, and they can be a good place to recognize employees for awards and years of service.

Now more than ever office parties can play an important role in bringing people together face to face. Office parties have always provided an opportunity for people from different teams or different aspects of the company to mingle and get to know each other, but in these days when remote work is a part of many work environments the parties play an even more important role in bringing together people for face to face interaction.

One of the most common questions our events team at Legacy Stables are asked when it comes to corporate events is – “How far in advance do we need to plan?” The answer is – the sooner the better. It may be hard to think of the holidays when we’re still in the middle of the hot, humid days of summer, but August and September are the perfect time to get started planning your holiday party. The list of initial steps is simple but very important:

  1. Choose a venue. The first decision is often whether to host the party at the office or at an off-site location. Going somewhere other than the office is hands-down the best option. It sets the party apart from the regular work environment, and also shows employees that the company wants to invest in their own happiness enough to host a nice event.

Legacy Stables is a great option for hosting your upcoming corporate holiday events and parties. Our experienced staff can help with all the details to make hosting an event off-site just as easy as if you were having it in your conference room. Our meeting rooms and event areas are flexible enough to host events of any size, from an intimate gathering for a small business to a large party for a bigger corporation. We also have the technology to support DJs, bands or other types of entertainment that can help make your party one people will be talking about for months to come.

  1. Set the date. Once you have the venue picked out, it’s time to set the date. Keep in mind many people travel or are out of town visiting family the week before and after Christmas, so you might want to avoid those times. The first couple of weeks in December or the week after New Year’s are good times for an office holiday party to fit with most people’s schedule. Also check local calendars to avoid conflict with any big, local holiday events, such as Greensboro’s Festival of Lights or Winston-Salem’s Holiday Parade. Once you have a few options that will work for you, the next step is to contact the venue and work out which dates they have available. Keep in mind, the holiday season is a time that many people and companies are planning to host parties, so venues will fill up fast. That’s another reason why it’s important to plan ahead. At Legacy Stables, we know from experience that those few Saturdays in December get booked quickly!
  2. Get it on the calendar. You don’t need to send official invitations until six weeks prior to the event, but it is nice to send a “save the date” announcement, either by mail or email, at least two months ahead of the event. This lets people get it on their calendar and avoid conflicts.
  3. Set expectations early. Go ahead and decide whether you want the party to be for employees only, employees and a guest, or a family event where kids are welcome. This allows people plenty of time to secure babysitters if necessary. Or if you’re including kids, it gives you time to plan for goodie bags or entertainment for the younger guests.


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