A Renewal to Remember

From the moment Myya Carson said “I do” with Jamon on their wedding date, February 15, 2015, she knew she wanted to do a vow renewal ceremony.

“I love being able to celebrate and affirm our love for each other in front of our family and close friends,” Myya says. “It means so much to me and Jamon, and our marriage.”

The second time around, Myya knew things would be a little different. The first wedding happened just six weeks after Jamon proposed on New Year’s Eve. It was a wonderful celebration of their love, held right after church services in front of all their friends and family. “We surprised the church with our ceremony, which was really fun,” Myya says. “The sermon had been on marriage and love, and then Jamon and I walked out in our tux and wedding dress. It was definitely unique!”

Seven years later, Myya and Jamon got the chance to do it all again, this time at Legacy Stables and Event Center.

Lucky Number 7 – You Complete Me

Myya chose to do her vow renewal in their seventh year of marriage because seven is the number that symbolizes completion, and she and Jamon complete each other. There were a lot of things Myya did differently this time around, some because she was a little older and had firm ideas of what she wanted, but also because she had much more time to plan.

One of the biggest differences was this time around they had a bridal party consisting of 7 bridesmaids and 7 groomsmen, to go along with the theme of the number 7. They also had a lovely plated dinner with an Italian theme. The menu included hors d’ouevres of bruschetta, arinchita and baked brie, followed by Italian salad, and grilled chicken with an Italian sauce served with sauteed harcourt verts and smoked gouda mashed potatoes.

A Beautiful Setting at Legacy Stables and Events

By the time Myya and Jamon’s vow renewal ceremony took place on August 27, 2022, Myya had been working at Legacy Stables and Events for three months as wedding and social events service manager, but she had chosen Legacy Stables and Events as the location for her ceremony long before she began working there. “I knew this was where I wanted because the grounds are just so beautiful, and it is convenient for all our friends and family coming from Winston-Salem and Greensboro,” Myya says.

There were many other positive aspects that attracted her to Legacy Stables and events, including the fact that she didn’t have to have a big budget for decorations because the venue is set up with an elegant, rustic décor including a choice of a variety of styles of chairs. She also enjoyed the fact that there is one point-person for all the necessary contact in setting up the event. “It’s like a one-stop shop, where I just had to communicate with one person about everything including ordering the food, setting up the space, and coordinating with vendors,” Myya says.

Now that Myya has been on both sides of planning an event, as a bride and as a coordinator at Legacy Stables and Events, she has one piece of advice for anyone working on their own event plans.

“Make sure all communication is written down, so that everyone knows what is expected and is on the same page,” Myya says. “I know how easy it is to have a phone call with someone, whether it’s a vendor or the event planner, and then after the conversation life happens and some details might be forgotten. The best thing to do is to follow up every conversation with an email. That way you know exactly what has been decided and when.”

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