Meet Chef Adam – Legacy Stables’ In-House Chef

For brides-to-be and event planners, the food served is one of the biggest decisions to be made. You want something that will have your guests telling all their friends just how fabulous their meal was, or bragging about the creative hors d’oeuvres they tasted. For our clients at Legacy Stables and Events, we are proud to partner with Chef Adam Andrews, a local chef who owns Jeffrey Adams on Fourth as well as multiple other locations around Winston-Salem. Chef Adam’s farm to table catering provides a unique, one-of-a-kind food experience for our clients and their guests.

For Chef Adam, his love affair with the restaurant business took hold when he was just 15 years old. After working alongside his father at the family’s landscaping business for years, he decided to branch out and do a different type of work. He got a job washing dishes at Town and Country Grille in King, NC, and he looked up at the guys in the cook line and thought, “That’s what I want to do with my life.”

After graduating from South Stokes High School Adam traveled north to Pittsburgh, where he attended the Pennsylvania Culinary Institute. Adam garnered a lot of experience while in Pittsburgh, both from the classes he took as well as from the jobs he worked. “When I moved up there I made it a goal for myself to work in four different restaurants during my time in Pittsburgh,” Adam says. “I wanted to experience as much as possible while I was in this new place.”

Over the course of his time in Pennsylvania, Adam made that goal a reality, working at a hotel restaurant, a brewery, and a casual-dining restaurant, as well as working through a temp service that provided servers for special events. All of those jobs provided valuable experience and insider knowledge of how the foodservice industry works, from creating new dishes and cooking for multitudes of people to menu planning and serving. 

Putting His Stamp on Winston-Salem

The stars aligned for Chef Adam, as his hometown connections fell into place just as he was finishing up his studies in Pennsylvania. “Johnny, the owner of Town and Country Grille, called me up and said his brother was looking for a chef at his restaurant in Winston-Salem, Fourth Street Filling Station,” Adam says. “It was a great opportunity for a young chef.”

 Chef Adam quickly made his mark on the iconic Winston-Salem restaurant, bringing fresh ingredients to the menu and reinvigorating some classic items. “Shrimp and grits have always been a favorite for diners at Fourth Street Filling Station, and I helped take that classic dish and make it a little more creative. I used grit cake instead of creamy grits, to give it a different texture,” Adam says.

An Expanding Empire

Chef Adam spent 15 years working at Fourth Street Filling Station, putting his own creative spin on the classics that have brought the restaurant such long and endearing success. Of course, during that time he began to look for other opportunities to expand his creativity, and found it with business partner Jeffrey Bassett. In 2017, Chef Adam broke away from the restaurant that gave him his start as a chef to devote himself entirely to a new project, Jeffrey Adams on Fourth. Today, Andrews owns that restaurant along with Young Cardinal Café, the Trophy Room, Dogwood Hops and Crops, and Twisted Pine. Chef Adam has also gone back to his roots, starting a farm on his family’s land in King to provide fresh foods for his restaurants and catering, from snap peas, tomatoes, and greens to fresh herbs and even honey.

Legacy Stables and Events is proud to include Chef Adam as part of our own staff as well, where he serves as in-house caterer. He brings a wealth of experience to each and every event, helping to create menus that make memorable occasions for each guest. “I really enjoy working with Legacy Stables and Events, as catering is a way to bring the creative aspect back to my culinary work,” Adam says. “You get to meet a lot of different people, and each event has its own unique demands and atmosphere that makes it such a fun experience.”

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